5 Best Places to Buy Japanese Beauty Products


By Beauty, Fashion, Places

Being beautiful is one of the top priorities for millions of individuals around the world. But consumers…

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Takaski to launch new Japanese tea shop - OCHASKI


By Best products, Health

February 2018 – Takaski is happy to announce the launch of Japanese tea shop “OCHASKI”. ‘Ocha’…

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Japanese Street Food Make it at Home


By BeautyNo Comments

Have you seen Netflix’s “Street Food” featuring a street food vendor, “Toyo“? If you haven’t,…

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Top 5 Everyday Japanese Products Takaski Recommendation


By Best products

Hi everyone! I’m Kyoko, a shopping concierge at Takaski’s online shop. I’m the one who…

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Busting Obesity Japan Easy Access to Healthy Food and Drinks


By Best products, Food, Health

It’s official – Japanese are super healthy. According to WHO, only 3.6 percent of Japanese…

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